Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from

We promise that all of our products are realistic. Since 2019, SexDollTribe has formed partnerships with most well-known doll brands and become their main certified distributors, such as 6ye dolls, AF doll, HR dolls, SY doll, AS doll and more.

  1. Shipping to clients all over the world free of charge.
  2. A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is sheer perfection upon arrival or we make it right.
  3. After-sales customer ccare.
  4. 24-7 customer service and contact via chat, phone or email.
  5. The finest sex doll companions curated from the best artists and manufacturers.
  6. A beautiful, diverse and comprehensive collection of sex dolls that expands with industry improvements.
  7. Personalized customer care from sex doll professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. We don’t rely entirely on review blogs and forum posts from doll owners. In fact, we own and handle sex dolls and share hands-on tips and advice.

How is the quality of your sex doll?

 All products are realistic dolls for adults, which are mainly used for adult sex toys. It is made 100% according to real people. The doll skin is made from TPE or soft silicone, which is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. The product does not produce oil, no deformation, no odor.

Is really free shipping on all orders?

There is no doubt that we do offer free shipping on all orders, You don't need to pay for shipping.

What about shipping method?

We will use UPS, DHL or FedEx to ship your doll.

How long for the order process time?

It will take 3-7 day to process your order after your order paid.

How long for the delivery time?

It will take 5-12 days to transport your order until delivery.

Is there any warranty?

What is included with a doll?

Can I customized my own doll?

I don’t want my doll ship to my home address?