Sex Doll Affiliate Program

Start Joining in SexDollTribe affiliate program and make money today.

Earn highest commission, Our affiliate partners earn 8% commission for each sale generated by their referrals, Our sex doll selling price start from $1200 to $2000, So affiliates will earn $96-$160 from each sale.

Our affiliate program features:

- 8% commission for each sale.

- 60 days cookies duration.

- Payout monthly.

- 2 promotion way, banner ads and URL tracking.

- Have access to your tracking stats dashboard.


1. Do I need a business license to join your affliate program?

    No, You don't, You can join our affiliate program if you have any possible way to referral  our products, website , blog, social media, video channel and forum.

2. How to open affiliate program account?

    Click "Register";

    Click "Also I would like to open an Affiliate account";

    Filling your account and affiliate details, If you don't have a company and website, Please leave it blank, But you have to enter your PayPal account, Because We only pay you commission by PayPal.

3. How much commission will I get from your affiliate program?

    Our program default commission is 8% each sale, You can apply for higher commission up to 20% if you have larger audience.

4. How does affiliate program work?

    Login your account;

    Click Custom your affiliate tracking code, you can select banner ads or URL product tracking code;

    Paste our banner code or URL tracking on your website;

    when a user click your banner or URL, and place an order, You will automatically received 8% of the sale;

    Payout will be made via PayPal monthly or reach $1000.00 USD account balance;

Please watch below tutorial video:

If you have any questions, Please contact us at